Friday, August 17, 2012

faucets and fixtures

David had to be at the house to facilitate the internet/phone/security system hook up yesterday, so I stopped by before work and walked around to see the progress. And oh yes, there was some very heartening progress!

 garage door
 Hey, we have a garage door!

  basement floor
 The polished concrete floor in the basement looks amazing.

  basement "apartment"
The basement bedroom itself is looking great. The contractors added a door at our request (the room didn't have one, by some over site. But we figured guests might not want to hear all the noise from the TV room down the hall and/or have our five pets sleeping in their bed with them). The door now leads not only to the bedroom, but also to the entrance that will take guests/tenants to a kitchenette, storage room, and bathroom all of their own.

  master bath and shower
And, several floors above, here's the master bathroom, with its elusive tiles that were late arriving and then were the wrong size, hence holding everything up.

  master shower
Master shower fixtures going in.

doors to master balcony
Our so-far-very-dangerous balcony off the third floor master bedroom. We'll just wait until the railings are on to go hang out there.

  1/2 of master bedroom closet
 Half of the master bedroom closet is done. You can see the dark grey "accent" wall of the bedroom, too.

  second floor bath
 Bath tub faucet in the second floor bathroom. I love those tiles.

  kid's room
 Right beside that bathroom is the bedroom for our impending kid. From his bedroom window he will be able to hear the neighbourhood Hare Krishnas chanting and tambourining every weekend. As neighbourhood noise goes it's better than listening to drunken students scream.

The stairs have been stained (but are still covered up for protection, and now the great spindles and railings are installed. I love them.

 barn board installation- living room
And you know what else I love? The reclaimed barn board that is being installed in the living room and the stair well.

 Come on, house. I can hardly wait. And the baby is even less patient.