Saturday, March 31, 2012

Walk Through

In February, we went for our first official walk though of the house with the contractor, architect, and two electricians. It was mostly to discuss placement of things like plugs and light switches and smoke detectors. But it was also just amazing to stand in the house and imagine how it will be when it is all finished. I took a lot of photos.

living room

Living room with its GIANT window.

entry way window

Another big window by the front door.

windows in dining room, looking out to deck

Looking out from the kitchen/dining area. These windows and doors will lead out to our patio where we'll have seating for outdoor meals, and our barbecue.

sewing room

This is my sewing room on the second floor. It has a plug right in the middle of the floor so my sewing table can be in the middle of the room, without complicated cord wrangling. Very exciting.

skylight at the top of the stairs

The skylight that will bring light all the way down three flights of stairs.

view from third floor (master bedroom) deck

And this is our view from the third floor deck, which flanks the master bedroom. The "railing" makes it look dodgy now, but it is actually going to be a beautiful place to sit and look out over the neighbourhood.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ottawa Magazine

new magazine with projects from almost everyone who's working on our house right now

The Interiors Edition of Ottawa Magazine shows off projects from pretty much everyone involved in our house project. RND Construction built one of the houses profiled, John Donkin designed one of the other houses (which is gorgeous, please check it out) and Serina Fraser did the re-design of an advertising office that is featured. It was a great read. Oh, and the kind of freaky house full of dead, stuffed animals is right around the corner from where we're living now. Yikes.