Monday, October 10, 2011

Boarded Up

On Thursday I drove to Sandy Hill so I could vote in the Provincial election. I parked in front of our now vacant house and got to see for myself that it had been boarded up. I'd seen the house in disrepair already, since our friend Jamie corralled my very kind husband into tearing up the floorboards with him. Jamie is going to use the floorboards in his basement. At least he's going to try. The floorboards are soft wood and were installed by idiots. They were nailed AND glued, despite being tongue-in-groove. All that to say they didn't exactly come up like a dream.

The windows were removed by the contractors. Part of the LEED certification involves responsibly disposing of the old house, so they're dismantling the house slowly so they can salvage as much as possible.

One thing people keep asking me is if I feel sad at all thinking about the destruction of the house. I'm pretty sentimental and soft hearted, so I'm surprised that the answer to that question is no. I am so excited to live in the new house. A house with heat! And a great kitchen! And non-splintery floors! A house that's organized and practical and healthy. So no, I'm not shedding tears for the old place. Everything that I loved about living there, namely my husband and pets, are still with me now and will be with me in the new house. We'll all be happy when it comes time to move in.


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