Saturday, November 19, 2011


first floor

The architect said next week we'll actually be able to walk on the floor all over main floor of the house. I want to run around yelling, 'I'm in the living room! Now I'm in the kitchen! Now I'm in the laundry room!' My husband is not planning to do the same, he says.

floor joists

The meeting with the landscape architect this week went well, though I think it took until the end of the meeting for her to grasp my true desire for a food-producing urban farm. As we talked more, though, she started suggesting pear trees on the front lawn and figuring out the logistics of growing grapes on our third floor terrace. She's not a fan of bees, being deathly allergic to stings, but she did seem enthusiastic about their pollinating capabilities.

landscape talk

We went to look at fireplaces today, which is a whole other story. Opinions and anecdotes regarding gas vs wood-burning are welcome.



  1. I grew up with a woodstove as the main source of heating. It is a lot of work, yes, but if you're not using it to keep warm it is glorious and gorgeous and fantastic.

    Also, if you use a wood fireplace, you can SMOKE things in it. Hot smoked tofu, mushrooms, red peppers, onions...everything.

  2. You've probably read this already but it's great starter/resource for intensive/urban gardening (,,9780756628987,00.html?NEW_SELF_SUFFICIENT_GARDENER_John_Seymour#). Gas=efficient heating + convenience (going to bed? Turn off the fire). Wood=a little less convenience, a little less heat efficiency but much better aromas + vibe.

  3. I have nothing to offer re: gas vs wood other than I like the idea of having more than one energy source for heating so if you are heating your house with gas, I might opt for wood just to have a second source...

    It's amazing how fast the floors are in - congrats!!

    I would love to know your thoughts on your urban garden - it looks like you have some trees surrounding your yard. I'm having a debate regarding our new house as the front is where the optimal sun is but the space for growing is not that large. Am planning on looking into what needs lots of light vs. what needs less...

    thanks for sharing the developments on your house!