Sunday, July 8, 2012



We were able to poke around our lot yesterday and peek in the windows of the house to check on the progress. It is getting really exciting over there.

front door

This is the front door.

living room window

Through the living room window you can see the best thing about the house. My stove. It's still in a box, but it's there.



back of garage

This is the back of the garage, the door gives quick access to the garage from the yard.

peeking into laundry room

Looking through the back door, into the laundry room, through to the kitchen.


Not a great shot because of the reflection, but these are the stairs.


Another reflecty photo. This is the kitchen! The island is all framed out and ready to go.

front window well

Front window well. The basement of our new house is going to be brighter than the first floor of our old house.

front of garage

Front of the garage.

We still don't have a move-in date, but it's getting closer and closer. At this point there's nothing we can do but wait. Impatiently.


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