Monday, January 2, 2012

And we have windows!

On December 31st we went to see a movie and then dropped by the house afterwards to check out the recent progress. There were windows!

new house

I was most excited to see the south side of the house, where the kitchen is. It was great to see the doors that will lead to the outdoor deck area from the dining room and the windows that will bring lots of light into my new kitchen.

side windows

The windows will allow people to work inside the house without worrying about wind and weather. Already the electrician has been in to do some wiring. Oh, and all of the windows have big stickers on them that say "Marvin". Lots of windows named Marvin.

New house

Our vague move-in date of May 2012 seemed really far away when this all started, but now it's actually seeming kind of close.


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  1. It’s been a month since you moved into your new house. How’s everything now? Anyway, I love the idea of your home with a lot of windows installed. It allows for better ventilation, and it’s going to leave a very cozy feeling indoors. :)

    - Sandra Ludwig